My Week in Sewing – Week 1

January Sewing Plans - Warm and Soft

I am happy to say I met my sewing goal this week! The plan was to make both of these fabrics up into cowl neck sweaters with the extra deep cuffs and bottom bands of my magenta sweater above. I should mention I actually have two magenta sweaters, exactly the same. It’s a good thing I don’t go out much because I was wearing a magenta sweater nearly every day and people would have started wondering if I had stopped showering. read more

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January Sewing Goals

I have a few makes planned for this month because I’m still filling some huge wardrobe gaps. I hadn’t bought anything in years that I actually liked wearing so I’ve been steadily replacing the RTW that I did have with me made garments. I’ve also joined the 52 Week Sewing Challenge Facebook Group.  They suggest themes for each week but you can go rogue or off theme and still take part. read more

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2018 Goals

I’m not into making New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a few goals for the upcoming year.

I know most people reading this came here by way of a topiary turtle, and I’m happy you’re here, thrilled really, but as much as I love Fred I don’t want to spend all of my time making topiary. It’s expensive and doesn’t really fill any of my needs. If you’re currently following this blog, you’ve probably noticed the last few posts are sewing related. I hope you aren’t too disappointed that my first 2018 goal is to… read more

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Coat Making with Softshell and Thinsulate

My venture into coat making started with a bolt of bright red Softshell fabric on the bargain shelf at Fabricland. At $6 a meter I took all of it and then turned to the internet for advice on coat making. I decided that whichever pattern I used, it had to have Thinsulate. Softshell fabric is wind resistant and fleecy on one side, but if I’m making a coat, it’s going to be warm. read more

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I Made a Winter Coat!

My biggest sewing project in December is finally complete – I made a coat! Not just any coat either, but a coat that is fully insulated and lined, which is a really big deal considering it was my first attempt at coatmaking. read more

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