Loving my Black Stained Deck!

After staining my deck on the weekend it was killing me to wait the two days before putting everything back on it. But the wait is finally over and I think it looks fantastic!

Black Stained Deck

I love the way water beads up on the surface now! It’s such an amazing clean look. No more discoloration from moss and water and I can barely see the gouges from the dog’s toenails. It feels so nice and smooth when I walk out there barefoot. Like any dark surface it does show dusty shoe prints and paw prints, but they are easily swept away.

Pothos glowing against Black Stained Deck

My chairs look amazing and cheery against the black stain and look how bright my pothos looks.

Planter Grouping

All of Mr. Toads hidey-holes are back in front of the patio door where he hangs out. The white flowers of begonia ‘Santa Barbara’ show well against the black stain. It’s a begonia to watch for next year – perfect for hanging baskets and planters.


This is a variety of Tradescantia I really like – I’ll be over wintering some of that for next spring.

Begonia 'Funky' - Available 2017

In the pink planter is Begonia ‘Funky’, another new variety that will be available next spring. It has a coral tint to it and is very pretty.

Silver & Green Planter

My Silver & Green planter also shows well against the black stain. I will probably leave it much as it is when I bring it in for the winter. Most of the plants in it are houseplants.

Purple and Lime Planter

This purple and lime planter has plenty of room between the chair and my floral painted table. All of the little pots of houseplants are up there now, leaving room on the glass-topped table for coffee, tea or a drink.

Furniture Sliders

I attached furniture glides to the bottoms of my Black & White planters. It lifts them off of the deck boards just enough for good air-circulation under the pots, which is beneficial for both the plants and the deck.

Attached to bottom of large planter

All of my planters now have something under them especially that pink pot. It has a very rough bottom on it and has already made a mark. Staining the deck may not have been as much work as I thought it would be, but I still want it to stay nice for as long as possible.

Black and White Planter

You can see how nicely the planters have filled in since I planted them at the end of may. You can also see under the pot the one spot where the pink pot left a mark. It could also be because that area is right next to the barbecue, maybe there was grease there I didn’t notice.

Black Stained Deck

My deck is right next to my driveway, so it’s the first thing I see when I pull in, and I love it more every time. All that’s left to do is make cushions for the chairs and the last bit of staining in front of the other door. We have sorely needed rain in the forecast, so I won’t finish the rest of the stain until the weekend.

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Author: The Shade Gardener

Hi there! I'm Vanessa, the Shade Gardener. I live in a tiny little house in Ontario with my 2 grown boys, 2 dogs and a cat, where I do my best to grow plants in a heavily shaded yard and soil like cement. I am passionate about my family, my pets, MCM furniture and cheese. When I'm not in the garden I do a bit of crafting and sewing. Sometimes I build topiary animals from chicken wire for fun.

4 thoughts on “Loving my Black Stained Deck!”

  1. Your deck looks great! Don’t you love it when you think a project will be overwhelming and when it’s over you look back and think that wasn’t so bad? Loved your idea of putting furniture gliders on your planters too. So smart! Enjoy your new deck!

    1. The Shade Gardener says:

      Thank you Wendi! I am loving the look of my deck now that it’s stained. Staining it was just as effective as painting indoors for refreshing the space. Those furniture glides are amazing on the bottoms of the pots! Those ones are very heavy and they move across the deck like nothing now.

    1. The Shade Gardener says:

      Thank you! I avoided staining the deck for so long but now that I’ve gone ahead and done it, I’m very satisfied. I wish I had done it sooner!

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