How to Mount an Orchid

Lately, I’ve been seeing mounted Staghorn Ferns trending a bit. Staghorn Ferns aren’t always easy to find, but Orchids can be mounted too. And since it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, I’m going to show you how to mount an Orchid.

Mounting Orchids

Last year, my oldest started building a shed. When he was digging the post holes, he pulled out some really cool looking bits of tree root. I decided to use one of them to mount my orchid.

how to mount orchids

I mounted an orchid on one of them. Many orchids are epiphytes, meaning they would normally grow on trees.

Materials to mount an orchid:

  • Orchid – most grocery store orchids are phalaenopsis which are perfect for this. If you purchase a different type just make sure it’s one that likes growing in trees.
  • Bark. You can purchase cork bark in pet stores where it’s used by reptile enthusiasts, or you can purchase from Amazon using my affiliate link here.
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Thread or clear fishing line.

I started by cleaning all the existing growing media from the orchids roots. And then I forgot to take any more pictures until after I finished.

Thankfully I made a video of the process. I sincerely apologize – I had no idea I breathe that loud!

how to mount an orchid

I am so happy with how my mounted orchid looks! It isn’t quite as cool as a mounted Staghorn fern, but it’s still pretty neat looking!

how to mount an orchid

Have you ever grown mounted orchids?


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3 thoughts on “How to Mount an Orchid”

  1. I’ve pinned this and sent the project to my sister who lives in Puerto Rico and has orchids everywhere! I Love orchids too…unfortunately they don’t love me! LOL I do have a staghorn fern and would love to mount it. I just haven’t found the place for it to be happy yet. Keeping the directions to make a mount, it would look so much nicer than sitting on the ground like it is now! LOL

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