Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

vintage metal cart

Vintage Metal Cart – The Before!

Earlier this summer I came across this vintage metal cart at Picker’s Pig Pen. I’ve mentioned Picker’s Pig Pen before in this space. It’s a place I can go when I’m looking for inspiration or a new project. I had spotted one of these shelves there last year, but I didn’t take it at the time and the next time I went it was gone. read more

A Quick Fix for Smelly Skechers

Here's a quick little project to fix smelly Skechers.

I bought a pair of Skechers last year and they are absolutely my most comfy pair of shoes. In fact, the only reason I don’t wear them all the time is because they either smell too bad to wear or they’re in the wash to get de-funked. Which is a bummer because they’re the perfect cute little shoe to wear with casual capris or crop pants. So I decided to take a stab at solving the problem. read more

Atomic Style Planters for Fellow MCM Geeks

For the MCM geeks - Atomic Style Planters!

I’m just going to say it – I’m a complete geek for all things MCM, especially the Atomic style patterns of the day. Fortunately for me, so are Joe and Angie of Ambient Wares and Joe created two amazing patterns you can download for free >here<! read more

DIY Pegboard for Craft Room Storage

Make this unique industrial style pegboard!

Pegboards are amazing for small spaces but I’ve just never liked the look of them. It’s all those holes, they make me think of dust and wonder if there spiders hiding in them. So when I was looking for a different storage solution for my craft supplies – like that damn rotary cutter I can never find – I had to get creative. read more

Floral End Table

Upcycled TV Stand and Tray Before

Remember that icky melamine folding table I had from the same place my TV Stand turned Tea Table came from? Well I had a lot of fun making and floral end table from that 80’s melamine. Or at least I did after I recovered from a couple of big mess-ups! read more