How to Mount an Orchid

Lately, I’ve been seeing mounted Staghorn Ferns trending a bit. Staghorn Ferns aren’t always easy to find, but Orchids can be mounted too. And since it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, I’m going to show you how to mount an Orchid. read more

Fairy Garden Dreams! Mini Coleus

As far as I can tell, Fairy Gardens and the miniatures that go with them are still insanely popular. Fairy gardens are usually planted with succulents and other small-leaved low growing plants. This spring you might try this new mini coleus. It’s perfect for your fairy gardens. read more

Craspedia ‘Golf Beauty’

Craspedia Golf Beauty

Since this is the dreaming season for gardeners, let me tell you about Craspedia Golf Beauty. New for the 2017 season, Golf Beauty is hands down the annual I am most excited to try in my own garden. read more

Megawatt Begonia, Biggest of the Big

Megawatt Begonia, Biggest of the really big begonias

I know we’ve still got plenty of summer left, but I can’t wait until September to gush over my Megawatt Begonia. In my flowerbeds, they¬† have clearly proven they are the biggest of the really big begonias. read more

Hosta ‘Sun Power’

Hosta Sun Power

I’ve had Hosta Sun Power for a several years, but for one reason or the other, never under ideal conditions.

Last spring, I divided my clump and planted it in the raised corner bed to provide a backdrop for my Santa Cruz and San Francisco begonia. read more