Purple and Lime Planter

Purple Prince Alternanthera Planter

Purple Prince Alternanthera calls for full sun but happily, it seems to be taking to it’s shady home just fine. While Alternanthera is perfectly suited to landscape plantings, I chose to use it in a planter as the thriller. read more

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Hybrid or Interspecific Begonia

Up until last April I rarely thought about begonias and if I did think about them I was thinking of ‘wax’ or ‘seed’ begonia. Those flats of annuals with their tightly packed fleshy leaves that are usually planted in a line along the edge of a garden bed. read more

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Santa Cruz and San Francisco Begonia

6-28 Corner Begonia Bed
Santa Cruz, San Francisco Begonia top-level, Big Begonias in Rose and Pink lower level

Last year, after the fence went up I threw together this raised bed for the corner that was too shady for vegetables but still needed something. Once the monsoons we had last year started, I was grateful it was a raised bed or everything would have been underwater and probably rotted. read more

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Gorgeous Instant Patio Planter!

It was so hard to pick just one title for this instant patio planter project, because I had so many contenders. Here are just a few of the ideas I discarded

  • No Place to Hang a Plant? No Problem!
  • Hanging Baskets That Don’t Dry Out!
  • I Like Big Pots and I Cannot Lie!

The last one is my favorite.

Anyhow, if you have ever experienced any of the following, this project is for you. read more

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Non Stop Begonia

I’ve said it before – I love Non Stop Begonia. For shade gardeners looking for something more than pretty foliage, the flowers on Non Stop begonias are high impact. It’s kind of like they’re the shade equivalent of Geraniums. read more

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