Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

vintage metal cart

Vintage Metal Cart – The Before!

Earlier this summer I came across this vintage metal cart at Picker’s Pig Pen. I’ve mentioned Picker’s Pig Pen before in this space. It’s a place I can go when I’m looking for inspiration or a new project. I had spotted one of these shelves there last year, but I didn’t take it at the time and the next time I went it was gone. read more

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My fourth Charlie Caftan

Charlie Caftain in Fuchsia Linen Rayon Blend

I finished my fourth and probably final, for this year at least, Charlie Caftan this weekend. The fabric is a linen rayon blend which means embracing a few wrinkles. The ones you see here are just from putting it on. read more

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When Shopping’s Lost Its Fun, You Start Sewing

I hate shopping. I especially hate shopping for clothes. All clothes, any clothes, I hate it. I hate trying them on, I hate what the stores sell in my size and price range. But since I’m not a fan of running around naked either, I usually force myself to do the deed a couple of times a year. And you can tell by my clothes that I don’t enjoy the process. read more

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Bello Grigio, Fairest of Them All

Bello Grigio

I first encountered Stachys Bello Grigio a year ago in California. The common name for Stachys is Lambs Ears, which is a pretty apt description of the soft furry leaves of these plants, but none of them are as crisply white as Bello Grigio. read more

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How to Mount an Orchid

Lately, I’ve been seeing mounted Staghorn Ferns trending a bit. Staghorn Ferns aren’t always easy to find, but Orchids can be mounted too. And since it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, I’m going to show you how to mount an Orchid. read more

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