Flea Control that Works

I have dealt with fleas for over 25 years, as long as I’ve lived in this house and had pets. Thankfully flea control has come a long way and the stuff actually works now, because where I live the fleas also live. Recently I saw a discussion about flea control on-line and I got pretty ticked off. (Ticks are another problem where I live.) read more

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How to Make a Tomato Cage Mannequin

For a while now I’ve wanted to make myself a planted dress form but looking at prices for those wire mannequins that wasn’t working for me. So I made my own from tomato cages. Keep reading if you would like to see how to make a tomato cage mannequin for your garden. read more

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Spring Pansies, Another Turtle Topiary

Check out these cheery spring pansies in a turtle planter!

For a fresh pop of color in the spring, I adore spring pansies! Especially if it’s a mix of color like these are. We’ve finally had a break in the weather here so I’ve had a look at all the yard work I need to do. read more

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Topiary Care – Inside and Outside

One thing that I have not discussed here is topiary care. A lot depends on what you’ve planted your topiary with, but topiary are unusual planters with their own logistical quirks.

Topiary care outside

Larger topiary, like Fred, can live in your garden as long as you’ve planted them either with annuals, or with winter hardy succulents like Hens & Chicks. I’ve seen rose cones suggested as a winter cover, but since these guys are kind of big, maybe a Styrofoam cooler would work. Either way, you’ll want to keep it in an area where it’s protected from snow and rain for the winter. read more

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Five on Friday, April 7th

5 on Friday best of the week

This past week flew by again! In case you missed it, I’ve started working on adding video to some of my tutorials. My first attempt at video was a huge learning process that took up a lot of my weekend and evenings. Which means I did not join nearly as many link parties this week. So this week’s 5 are from my Pinterest boards. read more

More Great Ideas!