Soothing Silver Green Planter

Soothing Silver Green Planter

I broke every rule when I planted this soothing silver and green planter so I’m hoping it doesn’t wind up teaching me a lesson. The first broken rule is of course – I’ve mixed full sun plants in with shade plants. What really worries me though is that I completely forgot to think about the water needs of each plant.

Silver Green Planter – The Inspiration

White and Green Snake Plant

It all started with a gorgeous white and green snake plant I spotted at one of my local garden centers. I absolutely had to have it. I knew snake plants do well in low light, but I didn’t realize at the time how susceptible they are to over watering.

Artemesia Silver Brocade

Then I added an Artemisia Silver Brocade, a full-sun perennial with pretty silver green, almost white foliage.

PW Flambe Chrysocephalum

And just because I’ve never had one and I feel it is a sorely underappreciated plant, I threw in a PW FlambĂ© chrysocephalum, an annual calling for…? You guessed it – full-sun. It’s also susceptible to crown & stem rot when grown in cool, damp conditions, say like a jam-packed planter? But it does have that silver green foliage along with the unusual bright yellow flowers.

incomplete silver and green planter

I added a silver and green variegated pothos slip to the mix and then threw it all into this square pot. Aside from the woeful lack of research I put into my plant choices, something else was missing. So I headed off to a local greenhouse that grows and sells tropical plants, and promptly purchased a bunch of 4″ plants I didn’t need, along with the ones I used to finish this planter.

Silver and Green Plants

Silver Green Planter – The Plants:

A & B are both snake plants. The taller, vertically striped white and green one that started it all, and a second shorter one (to the right in the top photo above with silver and green horizontal variegation. If I manage to not drown the poor things over the summer, both will do well over-wintering indoors.

C is a Dracaena. Another tropical/houseplant that does well in my house. Shown to the left in the top photo above. It’s basically just a fancier relative of the spike that appears in just about every geranium planter ever seen.

D is the Artemisia Silver Brocade, a full-sun perennial, and E is the Flambé, a full-sun annual.

F & G are both varieties of pothos. F is a white (not cream or yellow) variety called Glacier while G is a silver and green variety sometimes called Satin Pothos.

Silver Green Planter – The Planting Diagram

Silver and Green Planting Diagram

At the moment it’s a pretty planter, but it will be interesting to see how it does over the summer and what is still alive in the fall. I think the biggest concern will be making sure I don’t over-water this planter.

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