Megawatt Begonia, Biggest of the Big

Megawatt Begonia, Biggest of the really big begonias

I know we’ve still got plenty of summer left, but I can’t wait until September to gush over my Megawatt Begonia. In my flowerbeds, they  have clearly proven they are the biggest of the really big begonias.

Amazing Flower Power!

Megawatt Begonia Pink Bronze Leaf

The color I have is Pink Bronze Leaf and I planted mine on the May long weekend. They started flowering within a week or two and have flowered like crazy ever since.

Heat and Drought tolerant!

These begonia have proven their heat tolerance through some seriously hot weather and continued to flower right through it. After the first week or two, I’ve only watered once a week at most, usually less, and we’ve had very little rain here this summer.

The series comes from PanAmerican Seed, the same company behind the popular Dragon Wing and Baby Wing series of Begonia. In my opinion this begonia has some serious star power.

Megawatt Begonia Stems

I planted mine in a bed that receives just a couple of hours of morning sun and it is thriving. Megawatt Begonia have these wonderful beefy stems and grows with a well branched upright habit, perfect for show stopping planters. One one each side of an entrance would look amazing!

Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf Begonia Flower

The blooms on Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf Begonia are huge, showy clusters above thick glossy bronze leaves, and they flower profusely. I really can’t say enough about how gorgeous these begonias are.

Megawatt Begonia at a glance:


Megawatt Begonia will reach heights of 20-28″ (51-71 cm).


Megawatt Begonia will need plenty of room so be sure to space them 12-16″ (30-41 cm) apart.

Vigor & Size

Megawatt Begonia is a monster of a begonia. It has well branched hearty stems and large leaves to support the showy flowers. I have not pinched or fertilized mine.

Foliage Color

Megawatt Begonia is available in both green-leaved and bronze-leaved varieties. Bronze-leaved varieties are earlier to flower than green-leaved.

Flower Color

For 2017 Megawatt will be available in Pink Bronze Leaf, Rose Bronze Leaf, Red Green Leaf, and Rose Green Leaf. Flowers are huge with no need to deadhead.

Flower Season

Just like the popular Dragon Wing series, Megawatt flowers from spring through to frost.


Part Sun, but will probably do just fine in shadier locations as well. It is worth noting that of the three I have, the one that gets a couple more hours of sun is taller than the other two.

If you’re looking for a continuous flowering showy annual, be sure to pin this one for your wish list!

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