Craspedia ‘Golf Beauty’

Craspedia Golf Beauty

Since this is the dreaming season for gardeners, let me tell you about Craspedia Golf Beauty. New for the 2017 season, Golf Beauty is hands down the annual I am most excited to try in my own garden.

Golf Beauty is an exciting new option for larger container gardens and patio pots, so say good-bye to those boring spikes! Please say good-bye to them – there are tons of more exciting options for height.

In mixed containers yellow is a perfect contrast for vivid fuchsias and velvety dark blues.

Golf Beauty has silvery green foliage clustered near the bottom of sturdy stems. The best part of Golf Beauty is that spent blooms discretely fade to light tan and are attractive in their own right.

Because it’s new for 2017, I haven’t grown this one myself but it’s number one on my wish list for the upcoming garden season. I can’t wait to see those vivid yellow flowers in my garden. I’ll be sure to add my opinions on heat tolerance and flower power in the future.

Craspedia ‘Golf Beauty’ at a glance:


Golf Beauty will reach heights of 24-30″ (60-75 cm), this is a more compact variety of Craspedia than ones grown for use as cut flowers.


Golf Beauty has a spread of 14-18″ (35-45 cm). Visual bulk is at the base of the plant, the flowers sit well above the foliage.

Light needs

Craspedia Golf Beauty prefers full-sun, save this one to add a hit of vivid color to your sunny corners and nooks.

Foliage Color

Foliage is a beautiful silvery green that reminds me of carnations.

Flower Color

Flowers are sunny yellow globes. Spent flower heads turn a discrete soft-tan color.

If you’re looking for a bold hit of yellow to add to your container designs, be sure to pin this one for your wish list!

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