The Owl Herb Planter

Owl Herb Planter

Owl Topiary

The last topiary I made was an owl – you can see it >>here<<. I did not love or even like the way he looked once I stuffed him with moss and planted him. So I pulled out all the plants and moss expecting to discard the rest. Except once he was empty, I loved him again.

In the meantime, I had purchased some herbs with the idea of using them to resurrect the bunny – which I actually love but not with plants in it. But I had forgotten how much the dogs love eating herbs!

Now I’m perfectly willing to share a bit, but I know from experience that once the dogs start grazing on a plant, it’s not too long before I’m left with a bit of root and dirt on the living room floor and an empty pot of dirt. While I was trying to come up with a way to let them graze a bit without being able to completely uproot the plants, I had a Eureka moment!

I turned the Owl Topiary into an Owl Herb Planter!

I used some heavier gauge wire to create two circles for eyes and secured them in place with some light-weight florist wire. Then I scuffed up the surface of a plastic planter with a sanding pad. I spray painted the owl and the planter with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint in Serenity Blue.

I wanted the bowl to have the look of an old zinc planter so I dry-brushed some silver paint on the planter, and scuffed the paint on the owl with my sanding sponge.

It looks a bit odd to have the plants so tight to the middle but it will hopefully prevent the dogs from pulling the plants right out of the soil. This pot fits perfectly in the top of a tomato cage that goes in one of my rare sunny corners so I will probably add something around the edges to trail down from the pot.

Here’s a close up so you can see the ‘eyes’.

Owl Herb Planter

If you would like to make the owl cloche, check out my Owl Topiary post. Just leave him unstuffed.

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