When Shopping’s Lost Its Fun, You Start Sewing

I hate shopping. I especially hate shopping for clothes. All clothes, any clothes, I hate it. I hate trying them on, I hate what the stores sell in my size and price range. But since I’m not a fan of running around naked either, I usually force myself to do the deed a couple of times a year. And you can tell by my clothes that I don’t enjoy the process.

This summer I’ve switched it all up and started sewing again after a 15 year hiatus. Now there’s a process I enjoy. Turning fabric into something useful and wearable.

But the start of my renewed interest in sewing had a rocky start. Initially I wanted capris and shorts. Two summer wardrobe staples. I made the trip to Fabricland and came home with a gorgeous linen rayon blend in navy & black along with a pattern for some pretty basic pants. Waistband, front fly, slash pockets – perfect for semi-casual type pants.

Aaaand the pattern was garbage. I made all of my fitting adjustments (thank you Curvy Sewing Collective – a fabulous sewing resource) and then cut my fabric for a pair of capris. While I was making my adjustments, I thought it a bit odd that as the sizes increased, they added length to the bottom of the front pants piece but on the back piece added it at the top. But what do I know about drafting a pants pattern right?

Turns out I was completely right and the pattern left me with two front legs and two back legs that seemed as if they were from two completely different patterns. Yay for expensive commercial patterns! Truthfully it also left me with a strong sense of deja vu, I am convinced this same pattern was my last incomplete project – 15 years ago. Which is when I put my machines away and got rid of my fabric stash. I wonder how many aspiring sewists gave up sewing on that particular pattern?

But it turns out the internet has made some big changes in the sewing world over the past 15 years. Sewing tips are at our fingertips, no more waiting for Nancy Zieman on PBS every Sunday when there’s YouTube channels and Blogs devoted to sewing. Even better are some of the patterns available on these sites. So I’m hooked on sewing again and loving the results that are coming out of my sewing machine. Expect to see more sewing related posts.


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Author: The Shade Gardener

Hi there! I'm Vanessa, the Shade Gardener. I live in a tiny little house in Ontario with my 2 grown boys, 2 dogs and a cat, where I do my best to grow plants in a heavily shaded yard and soil like cement. I am passionate about my family, my pets, MCM furniture and cheese. When I'm not in the garden I do a bit of crafting and sewing. Sometimes I build topiary animals from chicken wire for fun.

4 thoughts on “When Shopping’s Lost Its Fun, You Start Sewing”

  1. If there’s one thing I wish I could do, it would be to make my own clothes. Can’t wait to see what you create!

    1. Thanks Angie! Honestly it’s just like anything else. Practice and enough of an interest in it to give each step in the process its due. I’ve finished a few things – some are winners, some are good enough and some went in the trash.

      1. I made a skirt once but, I had someone helping me the entire way. I wish I could remember how it was all pieced together 😉

        1. I’m sure you could do it again with a pattern if you wanted to. Skirts are usually pretty straightforward.

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