Floral End Table

Upcycled TV Stand and Tray Before

Remember that icky melamine folding table I had from the same place my TV Stand turned Tea Table came from? Well I had a lot of fun making and floral end table from that 80’s melamine. Or at least I did after I recovered from a couple of big mess-ups!

I started out by scrubbing the table down and then I spray-painted it in Rustoleum’s ‘Aqua’. Once everything seemed dry enough I moved to the next step. I knew after recently seeing some Merimekko textiles and wall-coverings that I wanted to have big billowy flowers, and that I wanted to use strong colors.

Marimekko Inspired Floral

I added the centers and painted in some little white flowers in the bare spots. It looked awesome. The next morning I took my floral end table outside to spray sealer on it and watch completely horrified as the Aqua spray paint started to lift and crackle. Seriously it was like watching a stone chip in a windshield turn into a crack across the whole thing.

Honestly even though I knew it wasn’t a good finish, I was going to leave it as it was. So then I went to add the second coat of sealer, and grabbed the wrong can.

Crackling Paint on first floral end table

Still I soldiered on and turned it into an ‘airbrushed’ edge, and really I was going to just use it as it was. Right up until a bird came along and shit right in the middle of the table. That’s when I grabbed the palm sander and sanded everything off, giving the melamine a good scuff in the process.

Better the second time around?

Outlining Flowers

Once the base color was dry, I started painting my big billowy flowers again. I’ve doodled flowers like anybody else, but I found it surprisingly hard to make really big flowers. For each one I painted an outline first.

Filling In

Then I used a larger brush to fill them in. The paint I used really showed the brush strokes. Rather than stress about it, I incorporated the texture.

Flower Texture Detail

After the first layer was fully dry, I added centers to the flowers.

Stippling centers

I sort of stippled them for the texture it added to the paint.

Outlining White Daisy Petals

I added some white daisies to lighten up the dark blue flowers.

Daisies Finished

I left it to dry some more.

Stippling Centers of Daisies

I stippled the centers of these too, just with a smaller brush. Once it was completely dry, I took it outside to seal it. I sent a quick prayer to the spray paint gods before starting and then gave it a good coat. Everything was fine this time. I think the first event was just from forgetting to scuff up the melamine before I painted it.


Floral End Table

So there it is, an end table for my deck made from an old melamine folding table. I think I’m going to have to decide which style direction the deck furnishings are going in soon though. Because the Tea Table and the End Table aren’t exactly coordinating or even complimentary styles or colors.

Upcycled Side Table Up Close (1)

So what do you think – are the daisies overkill?

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Author: The Shade Gardener

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4 thoughts on “Floral End Table”

  1. I think your table is darling and I’m sorry, but I laughed like crazy as your tale unwound…especially the bird part. Did you know they poop every 15 minutes? LOL..we have big seagulls here:) Next time you paint on melamine, sand it lightly, wipe it down with TSP, and use a primer like Gripper. Your paint job will last forever:) Enjoy your pretty flowered table!

    1. The Shade Gardener says:

      That bird crapping in the middle of the table was the last straw. But I’m sure by being forced to sand it back and start over, it will last longer. I don’t know why I completely forgot to scuff the melamine first, but I was so busy thinking ahead to what I was going to do after the spray paint dried, I just skipped right over it.

  2. I don’t think the daisies are overkill at all. They’re the perfect touch! What a fun, vibrant addition

    1. The Shade Gardener says:

      Thank you so much! I have had moments of doubt over that table, I keep wondering if I’ve veered too far away in style from the rest of my furniture and accessory choices.

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