Purple and Lime Planter

Purple Prince Alternanthera Planter

Purple Prince Alternanthera calls for full sun but happily, it seems to be taking to it’s shady home just fine. While Alternanthera is perfectly suited to landscape plantings, I chose to use it in a planter as the thriller.

Purple & Lime Planting Diagram

A) Purple Prince Alternanthera

Recommended for full sun to light shade, I have it in a densely shaded place and it’s doing fine. It’s also suggested as a spiller in planters, I’ve chosen to use it as a thriller in this planter.

B) Escargot Rex Begonia

Silver and green leaves with a snail-like pattern have a purplish underside. It’s coloring worked well in this combination.

C) Burgundy Wedding Train Coleus

One of the few coleus with a true trailing habit which makes it highly desirable for container plantings. It’s limey colored edges make a nice contrast to the darker colored foliage.

D) Lobelia

I added three purple Lobelia a couple of weeks after the rest of the plants when I decided something was missing. At the time the planter was already so crammed with plants, I ended up ripping half the roots off so I could stuff them in. They didn’t seem to mind.

E) Setcreasea

There are three setcreasea stems in this planter. My mother keeps a few slips at the end of each season to have for the next one. Something to consider for easily rooted plants, it helps to keep costs down. Many of the spillers commonly used in planters do well as houseplants over the winter.

This planter is very full, but the bottom half of the planter is all virgin soil waiting for new roots, so it will hold moisture just fine. In front of the planter is one of my houseplants. A limey-gold pothos, it has exploded in the couple of weeks it has been outdoors. I’m convinced it has already doubled in size.

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