Planter Tweaks and Mr. Toad

All of my planters are filling in nicely, but that doesn’t stop me tweaking things here and there. Here are a couple of the planter tweaks I’ve made and an introduction to my new gardening buddy.

Shyly Hiding…

Begonia Flowering on the wrong side
Non Stop Begonia hiding it’s flowers

This Non Stop Begonia in one of my Black & White planters has been flowering steadily but for whatever reason, all the flowers were on just the one side and hidden behind everything else. I was hoping that eventually it would start flowering on the outside, but with no branching at all on that side it was seeming less and less likely.

Planter Tweaks Non Stop Begonia
Much better

Yesterday I got out my trowel and turned it.

Maybe Third Time is the Charm?

Sunny Yellow Planter with Bidens

I first planted this Sunny Yellow Planter with Bidens. The Bracteantha and Non Stop Yellow begonia did fabulously but the Bidens died.

Planter Tweaks Blue Lobelia added
Tweak it Once

So I pulled out its body and planted a blue lobelia in its place. That died too.

Mr. Toad

Usually it’s the dogs eating my plants and pulling them out that causes me problems. This time I suspect this little guy is to blame. He’s built himself a burrow in nearly every pot in that corner, or at least in the shorter ones. I’m not sure what happened to the giant toad that used to live on my deck and occasionally get in the house, but apparently I have a new tenant.

Mystery Annual

So on Tuesday while I was out and about I saw this cool untagged trailing plant. At the garden center, they assured me it is an annual, but looking at all the air roots at each joint I decided it was best if I kept it off of the ground.

Tweaked Planter
Tweak it Twice

I haven’t seen Mr. Toad in a couple of days, but maybe he’s living in the Cilantro now.

Instant Patio Planter

Planters from garden centers sometimes need tweaking here and there too. The coleus in my Instant Patio Planter was outgrowing the rest of the planter so I gave each branch a hard pinch.

Coleus Pinches

These are the pieces I broke off so you can see it was a very hard pinch. The lobelia and bacopa are dying off as expected and I’m not sure what to replace them with. Creeping jenny would look nice, but I don’t like to plant it where there is a chance for it to touch ground and take off. That’s how I got the English Ivy that is everywhere over there.

The Silver and Green Planter

Silver & Green Patio Planter

No tweaks here, I’m still happy with this planter. The Artemisia Silver Brocade and PW Flambé chrysocephalum in my Silver and Green planter are looking a little leggy, but I like the way they sprawl among the other plants. The one bare corner at the front is another of Mr. Toad’s hidey-holes.

Other than those few planter tweaks I’ve picked the odd spent bloom, but I’ve done very little watering so far. That’s why I like the big pots!

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